Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mmmmmm macaroons!

With LOAD starting a couple of days ago, my new-to-me recipe resolution almost fell to the wayside.  I hadn't gone grocery shopping this weekend, and haven't been feeling the greatest today, so I almost decided to wait until tomorrow.  But then you know how THAT goes - 'tomorrow' never comes! :)  So I remembered a recipe that I found before Christmas that I hadn't tried yet, and it wouldn't be too involved.

A little background information - I have a 'slight' obsession with macaroons.  Back in 2009, I went to the Dominican Republic with a group of friends, and that resort had the BEST. MACAROONS. EVER!  I may or may not have had my picture taken with them.  (Okay, I did).

I may or may not have created a scrapbook layout with the alleged photo.  (Okay, I did.)

I may or may not have eaten some every day we were there.  (Okay, I did that too.)

And I may or may not have lightened the load of a catering truck on the beach one afternoon by 'relieving' it of a plate of macaroons.  Alright, Alright!  Sheesh.  I did that too.

But you know what?  As much as I LOVE macaroons, I've never made them before.  ???  Crazy, huh?  I can't say that anymore, though!

This week's recipe comes to you from Skinnytaste:

The ingredients:

And the finished product!

I cooked mine longer than the recipe calls for; after 30 minutes, they still looked pretty white to me, and I tend to like my macaroons with a touch of brown on them.  I'm really glad I made them!  Making them myself will be much more affordable than travelling to the Dominican, LOL.

Thanks for looking!

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