Monday, February 18, 2013

LOAD Day 18 - An oops that turned out well

Hi folks;
I woke up this morning feeling like I hadn't slept at all, and just downright blah.  So I turned off the alarm, took the dog out to pee in about 2+ feet of snow, then crawled back in to bed for a few hours.  When I got up, I had to clean the driveway (yay for my snowblower!) and I napped when I came back in.  And I laid down for another nap this afternoon.  Hopefully all this sleep will nip whatever it is in the bud, and I'll be fine tomorrow. (I'm hoping to get to bed early tonight, too).

In between napping, I thought about what to do for today's LOAD prompt: scrap about an "oops" moment (something went wrong) that ultimately turned out well.  I was having a hard time thinking of what to do, so was just going to do ANY layout, ignoring the prompt.  Then I found these photos of my parents, brother and nieces and I having dinner on my patio.

Every time my parents come down to stay for a day or two, they insist on going out for dinner.  I've suggested many times that I could make something, and they say no, and we go out.  So I finally told them I was getting a complex, that they think I can't cook.  So we agreed to BBQ that night and invite my brother and his girls over as well.  Anyway, I *still* didn't cook!  Dad manned the BBQ, and Mom wanted to do some roasted potatoes (I threw together a salad).  Anyway, Mom couldn't find a jellyroll pan - and she didn't ask me if I had one - so she used one of my flat (no edges) cookie sheets.

Dad, Mom and I were sitting at my dining table chatting when all of a sudden Dad gets this weird look on his face, and asks "Why is the oven on fire?!?".  Yeah.  The oil on the cookie spread over the sides,and ended up catching on fire when it hit the base of the oven.  Have you ever tried to take a pan with hot oil dripping over the sides out of the oven?  Well, I managed.  And we put the fire out.  And put the potatoes in the proper pan, back in the oven.  And we had a great dinner.   And Mom cleaned out my oven later that night. :)

Only 10 more days of LOAD to go!

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