Sunday, February 10, 2013

LOAD Day 10

Hi everyone!  Cleared out from the snowstorm yet?  :)  I cleaned my driveway this morning, and did the end of my neighbour's driveway (she is an elderly lady who loves to bake, and she often brings me fresh cookies right out of the oven).  She has family in the neighbourhood that come and do her driveway, but I thought at least doing the end to clear up what the plow left behind would help.  (Note - I have a snowblower, thank goodness!).

After cleaning the driveways, I took Rudy out for a walk.  It was so windy and cold Friday and yesterday that he would barely take the time to pee before running back to the front door, LOL.  So he was a little camp-happy, and thrilled to be outside going for a walk!

Then I decided to get started on today's prompt for LOAD.  The prompt was to scrap about this point in time in your life, what is taking up your time, etc.  Since the volunteer rally for the World Curling Championships is this afternoon, I thought it appropriate to scrap about the Championships, and how busy I've been as part of the Local Organizing Committee.  The world will be here in Fredericton in two months!

Happy shoveling!

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