Saturday, February 9, 2013

LOAD Day 9, and a recipe!

Hello, everyone!
I hope as the storm continues along the East Coast, that you are all hunkered down, safe and sound.

Today brings Day 9 of LOAD.  The theme for Saturdays is "All About You".  The prompt today was to go back to your childhood, look at your interests then and how they shape you  now.  I dug out the photo album my Mom put together for me when I left home, and chose about 4 different pictures to scan and make larger (baking, softball, cribbage, piano) and I decided to go with the baking.

This picture makes me laugh.  Every Christmas, it was tradition for me to go over to my Aunt's house and help ice her scotch cookies.  She'd even let me mix and color the icing, and this one year, I decided to go bright green.  Because green with a red cherry on top just SCREAMS Christmas, right?  HA!  Not the best decision, LOL.  But I always loved baking as a child, and I still do now.  So that's why I decided to scrap this particular picture.

My supply list won't be complete, I'm afraid.  I don't know what brand the snowflake paper is, nor the green ribbon, nor the little bells.  I raided my large Christmas stash. :)
Cardstock (Kraft) - Reflections
Cardstock (Green) - Core'dinations
Diagonal stripe paper - Graphic 45
Alphas - My Mind's Eye LUSH

Thanks for looking!

Today also brings another new-to-me recipe.  Today's recipe is from  It's no secret I love my crock pot, and I've made a number of recipes from this blog over the past few months.  I was looking for a new chicken recipe, because I've been cooking and eating a lot of beef lately.  So, how about Margarita Chicken ?

Here are the ingredients:

Weird combination, right?  I know - it's definitely not something I would put together myself, but what the heck!  I decided to give it a try.  And can I just say, the house smelled DIVINE.
I didn't have chicken thighs, but I did have two fairly large boneless chicken breasts in the freezer, so I cut those up.  The only thing I had to buy was the Margarita Mix - and trust me, it won't go to waste, LOL.  I even considered making a margarita to go with supper, but the thought of having a frozen drink in the middle of a snowstorm didn't really appeal to me.

Once it was done, I shredded the chicken so each piece would be coated as much as possible with the sauce.
I know it doesn't look like much, but oh my gosh, was it ever GOOD!  Somehow, those flavors came together and made a really interesting sauce.  Even though I knew what was in there, I kept trying to pick out the different ingredients.  I will definitely be making this again, and will double up on the sauce next time, just so there's more to add to rice or mashed potatoes.

Two thumbs up!
I hope the rest of your weekend is free of snow, wind and cold.


  1. i will definitely try this recipe and i love that website. have used a few from there myself!!
    i am really glad you chose baking as your LOAD today!

  2. Thanks for coming to the Sisters of Isis with us. It was great to see you. I also think that you should add the following to your profile, interior decorator, photographer, actress, producer, stage manager and all round super talented great friend.