Monday, July 8, 2013

Turtle Cookies

I'm back!  I have another new-to-me recipe that I tried this week.  However, I wasn't very smart about it.  We've been in the middle of a heatwave the past few days, and what do I decide to make?  Cookies!  Yep, that have to be baked in the oven.  So. Not. Smart.

Anyway - as I mentioned in last week's post, my office has an annual fundraiser - the Craig Leech Memorial Fund - where the funds go to our local hospital.  The past few years, the funds have gone towards the Oncology department - we've bought iPads for those going through treatment to use; a new refrigerator, new  television for the lounge, etc.  Whatever would make the patients' time there just a little bit more bearable.

This year, funds raised will go towards the Pediatrics unit.  So every little bit helps!  We have many activities planned, including bake-sale goodies.  So I'm trying to contribute as best I can.

This week's new-to-me recipe is Turtle Cookies!  Again, I don't have pictures.  But the site where I found the recipe has some awesome pics:

This pic is from Tracey's site (see the link above).  Now that I'm looking at it again, maybe I needed to use a larger spoon to make the indent, in order to make more room for caramel.  Oh well.

I have to say, I love me some Turtles, so I was really looking forward to tasting these cookies.  But honestly?  My reaction was "meh".  I enjoyed eating the leftover caramel sauce (yum!) more than I enjoyed eating the cookie.  So I will likely not make these again.  They were ok, just not really worth the effort (and added heat in my kitchen!) that it took to make them.

Oh well, the recipes can't ALL be winners, right?
See you next time!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Time Flies

Wow, I can't believe how quickly the weeks have gone by lately.  But I've come to the realization that my resolution for 2013 (try at least one new-to-me recipe a week)  will not be completed fully.  Life got in the way - tearing down and rebuilding my deck, my best friend's wedding, transitioning into a new (somewhat stressful) role at work.  It seems like I blinked, and another month has gone by.  But that doesn't mean I'm going to stop trying new recipes, though - I'm enjoying it too much to stop!

I was away this past weekend for my best friend Lisa's wedding (congrats, Lisa and Steve!), so I didn't get groceries last week.  I came back home on Sunday, but it was after 5pm when I realized I should have gone to the store since Monday (July 1) was Canada Day.  So my cupboards and fridge were looking a little bare.

As luck would have it, I was invited to a BBQ for Canada Day.  But what to bring??  With my limited supply of items in the house?  AHA!  I had bookmarked these Meltaway Lemon Cookies a while back - and I had the staples in the house, and a couple of lemons.  Score!

The recipe was created by Jessica at  This is the link to her post on the cookies:   There is another link on that post to take you to the actual recipe - that link is

This picture is from Jessica's site:
Meltaway Lemon Cookies from

Oh. My. Gosh.  These cookies are FANTASTIC!  We served them up for dessert at the BBQ, and they were a hit.  One of the guys started getting everyone to flip the cookie over and eat them upside down - you seem to get a bigger hit of lemon that way with the icing hitting your tongue first.    I'm told he was a little upset when I left and took the remainder home with me, LOL.

Sorry I don't have any pictures of my own - I wasn't thinking about my camera at all when I was making these. Jessica's pictures say it all though.  And mine turned out like hers, except I didn't add the lemon zest/sprinkles on top.  These cookies were so simple to make, I made ANOTHER batch last night, and brought them in to the office this morning.  Again, a hit.   These will definitely be part of my go-to cookie list - thank you, Jessica!!!