Thursday, February 28, 2013

LOAD Day 28 - I did it!!!!!

Yaaaaay!  I DID IT!  I'm glad I had the blind drawn in my scraproom tonight, because I'll admit I did a little happy dance when I finished tonight's layout.  28 layouts, 28 days.  And I followed the prompt each day too.  What the heck am I going to do tomorrow night???

Oh right.  I have to clean my house.  I've been a little slack on that this month.  Huh.  Oh well.

Anyway, today's prompt was to scrap "your spot".  Your safe place.  For me, "my spot" is really my couch.  That's where I eat, read, watch tv, talk on the phone, surf the 'net, cuddle with Rudy, nap when I'm sick.  Definitely my spot. 

Cardstock: Reflections
All pattern paper and diecuts: My Mind's Eye "On the Bright Side"
Sharpie Pen

Take a look at that pile of layouts!!!  I've been waiting to put them in my album just so I could take a picture like that, LOL.

SUCCESS!  Thanks for checking in on me this month!

Back to my happy dance - AFTER I close the curtains. :D

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

LOAD Day 27 - Learn Something New

OK, I am *really* losing steam here, LOL.  Today's prompt was to "learn something new" - either learn something new and scrap about it, or learn something new and apply it to your page.

I learned about alcohol inks before, but I haven't used them in AGES.  So I watched a couple youtube videos and dug out my alcohol inks.  First, I played on glossy paper, then I grabbed a tag and played with the alcohol inks and it a bit (porous paper totally takes alcohol inks differently than glossy paper).  Once I created the tag, then I needed to find a picture to go with it.  So I flipped through my LARGE pile of photos and found this one of my friend Stacy's girls.  This photo is about.... 10 years old I think?

This is a super simple, plain page, but as I said earlier - I'm losing steam. :)


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

LOAD Day 26 - New Holiday Traditions

Today's LOAD prompt was to scrap what you would do for a 'fake' holiday, or what new holiday traditions you would do.  Being single, and not having kids, a lot of holidays don't mean much to me.  Let's face it, holidays are meant for families or couples:
Christmas (family)
New Years (couples) - and I *hate* New Year's Eve because of it
Valentine's Day (no explanation necessary)
Mother's Day
Father's Day
Halloween (kids)

See what I mean?  So the only 'fake' holiday was going to be around being single, but I decided that would bring me down a bit, and decided instead to scrap the photos of Rudy's pictures with Santa this year.  THAT could be a new Christmas tradition for me.

Only two days left!  I can do this!

Monday, February 25, 2013

LOAD Day 25 - 13 Things in 2013

Hi everyone!
Wow - I just realized I forgot to come back yesterday to talk about this week's new-to-me recipe.  OK, I'll get to that in a second.  First, today's layout.

Today's prompt was to do a Bucket List.  But rather than scrapping my full Bucket List, I decided to do a "13 in 2013" page.

All the pattern paper: My Mind's Eye
Flower: Prima
Doilies: Bobunny
Ranger Distress Stain (Stormy Sky) for the doilies
Ranger Distress Ink (Walnut Stain) for the paper edges
Liquid Pearls

Only 3 layouts left to make a complete month!!!

Now, on to this week's new-to-me recipe.  Through my random foodie blog hops, I found this recipe and decided to try something other than soups and slow-cooker meals.  Click here for the recipe to Maple Mustard Chicken .

I halved the recipe; and didn't make the dipping sauce.  I cut up a VERY large chicken breast that I had, and made large chicken nuggets. :)

It was good.  Not great, but to be honest, I'm not much for breaded chicken.  But I thought I would give this recipe a try anyway.  I'm glad I did, it was a nice change.

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

LOAD Day 24

Hi everyone;
Today's LOAD prompt was to make use of items in your scrappy stash that you have been hoarding - you know, the stuff you don't want to use because you love it so much?  Seems ironic that you wouldn't use something you love, but we all do it, don't we?

I hummed and hawed about what to scrap today.  So I decided to look through my stash first for inspiration, and I found what is left of my FancyPants "My Family" collection.  I loved that collection, I really did!  I have a few layouts already with it, but was holding on to the few leftovers.  So I decided to use that today - and that inspired me to go to my old photo album that my Mom gave me when I left home.

This photo is of my sister, brother and I one Christmas (I want to say 1974, but I could be off by a year on either side).  "Rockband" has nothing on us, LOL.  I'm betting Mom and Dad weren't so keen on those Santa presents after the fact. ;)

Kraft paper
All other pattern paper, and the labels above/below the photo: FancyPants "My Family" collection
Distrezz-it-all to distress all the paper edges
Distress Ink: Aged Mahogany, Walnut Stain
Creative Memories Cutting System (for the circle)
Sharpie pen

I'll be back later with this week's new-to-me recipe.  It is currently in the oven.  Thanks for looking!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

LOAD Day 23 - All About You

Today's prompt was to scrap a page that was "all about you".  Well, I am "all about" my dog, so I made a slight re-interpretation of the prompt.  Especially when I took these pics of Rudy on the couch this afternoon - I couldn't wait to scrap them!

Now, I know Rudy is a boy dog - but he can handle flowers.  And doilies.  He's confident in his masculinity, LOL.  Since today's prompt was "all about you", I decided to stick with a scrappy style that *I* love.  I wasn't feeling it the past couple of layouts, but THIS one?  My heart is going pitter-patter.

The layout is based on a Sketchy Thursdays sketch.
Base "wood" paper: My  Minds Eye "Dilly Dally" collection
All the other pattened papers: Simple Stories
Doily: Wilton
Flowers: Prima
Dew Drops
Dear Lizzy Thickers
Signo pen
And I used my Distrezz-it-all to distress the edges of the papers.

Only 5 days left! Thanks for looking!

Friday, February 22, 2013

LOAD Day 22- Taste

Wow, we're in the final week of LOAD.  And to be honest with you - I'm starting to lose steam, and I'm looking forward to the end. 

Today's prompt was to scrap about "taste" - how something tastes to you, your favorite taste, whether you love sending Christmas Cards because you get to lick 47 envelopes.... ;)  I decided to scrap about the fact that I have a definite sweet tooth.  There's no denying that!

Cardstock: Core'dinations
Pattern Paper: American Crafts (I really dug into my old stash for this, LOL).
Border Punch: Martha Stewart
Liquid Pearls
Dymo Labeller
Signo Pen
The tooth and 'Sweet Tooth' were cut on the cricut.

And I was told this AWESOME story tonight when I picked Rudy up at his doggy daycare.  A few years ago, the owner's oldest dog passed away, and I had scrapped a memorial page for Calvin, framed it and gave it to Stephanie.  It's been hanging in the reception area at the daycare ever since.  A month or two ago, another of her dogs passed away, Winnie.  Winnie used to come greet me and to get attention when they were in their first location.

I was going to ask Stephanie for pictures of Winnie so I could do a layout like Calvin's, but she had a lot going on at that point so I decided to wait.  And of course, then it slipped my mind.   Stephanie recently went to a Medium; and during the session, the Medium asked if she'd lost a dog recently.   So of course Steph said yes, and mentioned Winnie.  Know what the Medium said?  "She wants to know why SHE doesn't have a plaque on the wall".!!!!    This Medium hadn't been to the daycare, so would have no way of knowing about Calvin's layout.  How cool is THAT??  

Hold on, Winnie girl, I'll make you one.  I promise.

Thanks for stopping by. :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

LOAD Day 21 - Landmark in your life

Day 21.  Three weeks complete!

Today's LOAD prompt was to scrap about a landmark in your life - your house, the spot your hubby proposed, etc.  My high school was a HUGE part of my life, and I look back on those days fondly.

A lot of people know BHS as the school related to the "Boys in Red" tragedy from a few years ago.  And while that will also be forever etched in my mind, it doesn't take away from the wonderful memories that I have of my high school years.

Black paper and flower, and Red twine: Bazzil Basics
Alphas: Thickers
Ribbon, Red corrugated paper: Dollar Store
Dew Drops
Button: from my friend Jessica (Hey Jess, have you got any buttons? *private joke, sorry*).

One week left!  Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

LOAD Day 20 - Hidden Element

Today's LOAD prompt was to have a hidden element on the layout.  This was really hard for me, I never do hidden journalling or anything like that on my layouts.  I figure my pages are in page protectors, and the only way people are going to see the hidden journalling is if they take the entire page out of the protector.  And realistically, that's not going to happen.

So, I couldn't go the full month of LOAD without sneaking in a layout about Thomas Ulsrud.  Lain, the woman who is running LOAD, has a thing for Hugh Jackman.  She can have Hugh, I'll take Thomas, LOL. 

As you can see, I busted out my Cuttlebug to emboss the red and silver paper.  And I fussy-cut some curling stones from pattern paper that I have (and that's something else I rarely do, is fussy-cut).  The layout is based on a PageMaps sketch (sorry, I don't have a link to it).  And the hidden element?  It's behind the photo:

Yep, that's his autograph.  I got it a few times the week of the Ford Worlds in Moncton in 2009.  I also have pictures of him and I (don't get me started on the photobomb, where a fellow volunteer and new 'friend' lost patience with the kind gentleman taking our picture who didn't know how to work my camera.  She stuck herself right in between us.  Grr.).

I'm on the homestretch now for LOAD - 8 layouts left! 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

LOAD Day 19 - Tigger or Eeyore

Hi everyone;
Today's LOAD prompt was to think about a Tigger or an Eeyore in your life, and scrap about that.  You know, Tigger is always upbeat and happy, and Eeyore... well, he's not, LOL.  So when I think of Tigger, my friend Judy comes to mind (hi, Judy!).

That girl is BUSY!  And she's a very positive person.  Compared to her, I am definitely Eeyore.  Yes, I can admit it.  I'm Eeyore.  Although I always loved Roo the best.  OK, I'm getting off track.

Here's the layout I made today.  I went a little outside of my comfort zone by using pastels.

Paper: Fancy Pants
Twine: American Crafts
Ribbon: Dollar Store
Flowers: Prima
Dew Drops
Doilies: Wilton

As you can probably tell by the last few layouts, I have a thing right now about using Doilies.  I love them!  They're not just for baking. :)

Anyway, thanks for looking.  Nine layouts left now!

Monday, February 18, 2013

LOAD Day 18 - An oops that turned out well

Hi folks;
I woke up this morning feeling like I hadn't slept at all, and just downright blah.  So I turned off the alarm, took the dog out to pee in about 2+ feet of snow, then crawled back in to bed for a few hours.  When I got up, I had to clean the driveway (yay for my snowblower!) and I napped when I came back in.  And I laid down for another nap this afternoon.  Hopefully all this sleep will nip whatever it is in the bud, and I'll be fine tomorrow. (I'm hoping to get to bed early tonight, too).

In between napping, I thought about what to do for today's LOAD prompt: scrap about an "oops" moment (something went wrong) that ultimately turned out well.  I was having a hard time thinking of what to do, so was just going to do ANY layout, ignoring the prompt.  Then I found these photos of my parents, brother and nieces and I having dinner on my patio.

Every time my parents come down to stay for a day or two, they insist on going out for dinner.  I've suggested many times that I could make something, and they say no, and we go out.  So I finally told them I was getting a complex, that they think I can't cook.  So we agreed to BBQ that night and invite my brother and his girls over as well.  Anyway, I *still* didn't cook!  Dad manned the BBQ, and Mom wanted to do some roasted potatoes (I threw together a salad).  Anyway, Mom couldn't find a jellyroll pan - and she didn't ask me if I had one - so she used one of my flat (no edges) cookie sheets.

Dad, Mom and I were sitting at my dining table chatting when all of a sudden Dad gets this weird look on his face, and asks "Why is the oven on fire?!?".  Yeah.  The oil on the cookie spread over the sides,and ended up catching on fire when it hit the base of the oven.  Have you ever tried to take a pan with hot oil dripping over the sides out of the oven?  Well, I managed.  And we put the fire out.  And put the potatoes in the proper pan, back in the oven.  And we had a great dinner.   And Mom cleaned out my oven later that night. :)

Only 10 more days of LOAD to go!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Taco Soup

Hi everyone;
With yet another snowstorm-y weekend, and with both hamburger and canned tomatoes on sale, I thought it would be good to try a hearty soup as my new-to-me recipe.  So I've gone back to the Crockpot365 blog this week and decided to try her Taco Soup.  You can find the recipe here:

Here is a photo of the ingredients.  Although I didn't use that much hamburger; I took half and used it in another batch of Stuffed Pepper Soup that I made a few weeks back.  My heart broke a little last week when I took the last serving out of the freezer, so I made another batch this morning. :)

Everything thrown into the crock - it makes a lot!

And the final result:

I would say it makes more of a loose chili than a soup.  The taste is good, I would totally scoop some into a taco shell, and it would be great.  But to be honest, I probably won't make this again.  This isn't soupy enough for me to consider it a soup.  And if I'm going to have chili, I want the chili that I normally make.   That's just my personal opinion though.

Oh well.  I tried! 

LOAD Day 17 - Love Letter

Hi everyone;
This Sunday brings another snow storm, so it's a perfect day to do some scrapbooking, and a perfect day to make another new-to-me recipe (I'll post on that later).

Today's LOAD prompt was about appreciating the things we have, and to write a "love letter" to something inanimate.  I decided to write a 'letter' to my books that are on my bookshelf downstairs.  Since I got an e-reader a few years ago, it's not often that I take a book off that shelf.  Although the books that are on there are books I've read multiple times already (and will still read again).

Pattern paper: My Mind's Eye - Miss Caroline collection
Carstock: Core'dinations
Fiskars border punch
Liquid Pearls
Doilies: Wilton
Sharpie pen
Dymo labeller

Thanks for looking!  I'll be back later with this week's new-to-me recipe, which is cooking in my crockpot right now.  The house smells great!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

LOAD Day 16 - Grateful

Today's LOAD prompt was to scrap about what you are grateful for.  It could be a list of items, one item, whatever.

As a nod to the storms we've been having lately (and another snowfall warning for New Brunswick this weekend) I decided to scrap about how I'm grateful to have a snowblower! :)  Note - the picture is not of MY snowblower.  I was too lazy today to go out and take a pic of it, so Google was my friend.

This layout is based on sketch # 2 from 52Sketches (  It's an older (now-defunct) sketch site; but when a sketch speaks to you, it speaks to you.

Cardstock: Core'dinations
Pattern Paper: Carta Bella
Thickers (the t in 'it' looks weird because it's an upside-down f, shortened - I was out of t's, LOL).
Signo ball pen
Liquid Pearls
Diamond Stickles
Accent Essentials cricut cartridge for the snowflakes (thanks, Kendra!).

Thanks for looking!

Friday, February 15, 2013

LOAD Day 15 - Sound

I'm on the downward slope for LOAD now, the first half is done!  Today's prompt (with Friday's theme being about "Senses") was to scrap about "sound".  The sample layout we were shown was of a picture of her kids on the couch, laughing - and she journalled about how she loves to hear her kids laughing together, and hopes that they laugh together as adults.

I didn't get quite that serious. :)  My first instinct was to scrap a few photos that I have of waves crashing on the beach, and how that sound relaxes me, and I have the best sleep EVER at the beach.  But then I remembered the Mariachi Band that my Dad hired for our family reunion in the Dominican Republic.  You can't mistake Mariachi music for anything else, LOL.  I even have some videos (not posted) of the fam dancing to some of the songs.  I kid you not.  I also have a video of the last few seconds of them singing me Happy Birthday (my birthday was a week later).  They had already sung  the traditional Mexican birthday song, Las Mananitas - but to be honest, I didn't KNOW that it was a birthday song.  I just kept wondering why everyone was looking at me??  Anyhoo, on to the layout.

White and black cardstock: Reflections
Orange and teal cardstock: Ranger Distress
Pattern paper - ME!  I took a close-up picture of my Mexican blanket, and printed it.  Patting myself on the back for that one.
Border punch - EK Success
Sharpie Pen
The sombrero was cut on my Cricut, from the Wild Card cartridge.

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

LOAD Day 14 - Define 'home'

Happy Valentine's Day!

Oddly enough, today's LOAD prompt was not about love, like I was expecting.  Rather, it was about 'home'.  What is 'home' to you?  A smell?  A favorite item?  Define 'home'.

When I think of 'home', I inevitably think about my hometown, Bathurst, New Brunswick.  Like my journalling says - and like most kids - I couldn't get out of that town fast enough after high school.  I didn't appreciate it, it felt too small, everybody knew everybody else's business.... typical teenage feelings.

Now that I'm an adult, and somewhat sentimental, I *do* appreciate all the little things about Bathurst.  Wow, what growing up can do! LOL

I did not take the photo of Bathurst in this layout - I can't remember who Mom's cousin, maybe?  A local photographer, Christopher Love?  Kudos to whoever did, I wish I could give you the credit you deserve.  The photeo was taken a few years ago at least, because the bridge on the right-hand side has been redone and doesn't look like that anymore.

Pattern paper: Simple Stories
Cardstock: Reflections
Flowers: Bazzil Basics
Liquid Pearls
Martha Stewart Border Punch
American Crafts baker's twine
Distress Ink - Rusty Hinge
Button - Basic Grey

Two weeks down, two left!

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

LOAD Day 13 - Try something you've never done

Hi all!
Almost two weeks in, and I'm still going strong with LOAD (LayOut A Day).  Today's prompt was to try something on your layout that you've never done before.

There are lots of things I'd *like* to try, but I have curling tonight (I have to leave in about 20 minutes) and I didn't want my page to take a long time.  So I decided to try scrapping in 8.5x11, instead of the usual 12x12 that I always do.  I will admit, though, that this layout will probably be mounted on a 12x12 later and a couple extra things added. :)

I took this photo of Rudy just a couple of days ago.  He turned 4 on Saturday, so this layout was easy!

It didn't take much time to do at all - and would have been faster if my SLICE machine wasn't temperamental.  I last used it a couple weeks ago, and it decided tonight that it did NOT want to work.  So I used the Cricut instead (should have done that to begin with, LOL).

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and the halfway mark for LOAD - I wonder what the prompt will be for THAT??

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

LOAD Day 12

Happy Shrove Tuesday!  Did you have pancakes for supper?  I did. :)

Today's LOAD prompt was to scrap about an activity that you did for (or out of) love.

I chose to scrap about my days as a Batgirl and Statistician for the softball team that my Dad played for when I was a kid.  I'm a Daddy's Girl, and I wanted to be close with my Dad.  What can I say? ;) 

Thanks for looking!

Monday, February 11, 2013

LOAD Day 11 - Adult Lesson

Today's prompt was all about adult lessons.  What you learned as an adult, perhaps a lesson you pass down to a child, etc.  I chose to create a layout about Time.  And the lesson is to cherish it, do not take it for granted.

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

LOAD Day 10

Hi everyone!  Cleared out from the snowstorm yet?  :)  I cleaned my driveway this morning, and did the end of my neighbour's driveway (she is an elderly lady who loves to bake, and she often brings me fresh cookies right out of the oven).  She has family in the neighbourhood that come and do her driveway, but I thought at least doing the end to clear up what the plow left behind would help.  (Note - I have a snowblower, thank goodness!).

After cleaning the driveways, I took Rudy out for a walk.  It was so windy and cold Friday and yesterday that he would barely take the time to pee before running back to the front door, LOL.  So he was a little camp-happy, and thrilled to be outside going for a walk!

Then I decided to get started on today's prompt for LOAD.  The prompt was to scrap about this point in time in your life, what is taking up your time, etc.  Since the volunteer rally for the World Curling Championships is this afternoon, I thought it appropriate to scrap about the Championships, and how busy I've been as part of the Local Organizing Committee.  The world will be here in Fredericton in two months!

Happy shoveling!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

LOAD Day 9, and a recipe!

Hello, everyone!
I hope as the storm continues along the East Coast, that you are all hunkered down, safe and sound.

Today brings Day 9 of LOAD.  The theme for Saturdays is "All About You".  The prompt today was to go back to your childhood, look at your interests then and how they shape you  now.  I dug out the photo album my Mom put together for me when I left home, and chose about 4 different pictures to scan and make larger (baking, softball, cribbage, piano) and I decided to go with the baking.

This picture makes me laugh.  Every Christmas, it was tradition for me to go over to my Aunt's house and help ice her scotch cookies.  She'd even let me mix and color the icing, and this one year, I decided to go bright green.  Because green with a red cherry on top just SCREAMS Christmas, right?  HA!  Not the best decision, LOL.  But I always loved baking as a child, and I still do now.  So that's why I decided to scrap this particular picture.

My supply list won't be complete, I'm afraid.  I don't know what brand the snowflake paper is, nor the green ribbon, nor the little bells.  I raided my large Christmas stash. :)
Cardstock (Kraft) - Reflections
Cardstock (Green) - Core'dinations
Diagonal stripe paper - Graphic 45
Alphas - My Mind's Eye LUSH

Thanks for looking!

Today also brings another new-to-me recipe.  Today's recipe is from  It's no secret I love my crock pot, and I've made a number of recipes from this blog over the past few months.  I was looking for a new chicken recipe, because I've been cooking and eating a lot of beef lately.  So, how about Margarita Chicken ?

Here are the ingredients:

Weird combination, right?  I know - it's definitely not something I would put together myself, but what the heck!  I decided to give it a try.  And can I just say, the house smelled DIVINE.
I didn't have chicken thighs, but I did have two fairly large boneless chicken breasts in the freezer, so I cut those up.  The only thing I had to buy was the Margarita Mix - and trust me, it won't go to waste, LOL.  I even considered making a margarita to go with supper, but the thought of having a frozen drink in the middle of a snowstorm didn't really appeal to me.

Once it was done, I shredded the chicken so each piece would be coated as much as possible with the sauce.
I know it doesn't look like much, but oh my gosh, was it ever GOOD!  Somehow, those flavors came together and made a really interesting sauce.  Even though I knew what was in there, I kept trying to pick out the different ingredients.  I will definitely be making this again, and will double up on the sauce next time, just so there's more to add to rice or mashed potatoes.

Two thumbs up!
I hope the rest of your weekend is free of snow, wind and cold.

Friday, February 8, 2013

LOAD Day 8 - Favorite Scent

We're one week down!  Three weeks to go!

The theme for Fridays is "Senses".  So today's prompt was to scrap a layout about your favorite scent.  Anyone who knows me well, knows that I have a thing for Snuggle Fabric Softener.  I love the smell of it, and I've been using it ever since I went away to university (that cute bear in the ads got the better of me, LOL, but the scent kept me coming back!).

I've been told numerous times that I smell good - and I have to believe that Snuggle plays a major role in that.  I guess the mix of Snuggle, my laundry detergent, and my shower gel is a winning combination!

An Ode To SNUGGLE :)
Cardstock: Reflections
Pattern Paper: K&Company
Large font: Jillibean Soup
Small font: Studio Calico
Tattered Angels Chalkboard mist
Fiskars crimping tool
Martha Stewart Border Punch
White gelly roll pen
Silver Zig Writer

Oh, and a word of warning - before you spray any mist on things, be sure to start with a clean craft mat.  I hadn't cleaned mine up the last time I used it, and the blue mist mixed with some of the dry glimmer mist on my mat, which is why you see darker smudges on some of the letters.  Lesson learned!

We're expecting a bit of a snowstorm here tomorrow, although it's not expected to be as bad as the New England States or Nova Scotia is going to get.  I hope everyone stays safe this weekend!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

LOAD Day 7 - Nature

Today's LOAD prompt was to scrap a photo about Nature.  I took these pictures back in October one morning on my way to work.  The river had been misting in the mornings leading up to that, so I started bringing my camera with me.  As I crossed the bridge, I kept craning my neck trying to get a better view of the sunrise, so once I got across, I pulled into a parking lot to take some pictures.

I have to say though - I'm not feeling the layout.  It started out ok, then I lost a bit of my inspiration.  So I kind of gave up on it.  Oh well.  It doesn't have to be a favorite. :)

Tim Holtz Ranger Distress Core'dinations cardstock (all 4 colors).
White cardstock: Reflections
Liquid Pearls
Diamond Stickles
Distress Ink: Rusty Hinge
Border punch: EK Success

It's almost Friday!!! Yay!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

LOAD Day 6 - The page you've been putting off

Almost a week done, yay!

Today's prompt was to finish the page you've been putting off.  I had started this page a month ago at a crop, but wasn't really feeling it at the time, and I didn't finish it.  So that's what I did this evening, was finish it!

Cecelia is my friend Roz's daughter; a group of us went apple picking this fall, and we decided to "bury" Cecelia in apples in her stroller.  You can tell by the bottom picture that she got fed up, LOL.  And her older brother Gabriel was NOT happy to see her covered in apples, he was worried about her.  But we held him off long enough to snap a few pics. :)

Pattern Paper and "Hello" diecut: Simple Stories
Cardstock: Reflections
Flowers: Prima
Buttons: Martha Stewart
Liquid Pearls

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

LOAD Day 5 - Significant Relationship

Hi!  Day 5 of 28 for LOAD.  Today's prompt was to make a layout of your significant other; or, if you don't have one of those, a layout of a significant relationship in your life.  Since my dog is the only other inhabitant of my house, I thought I would create a layout about HIM. :)

This layout came together really quickly, using a sketch from the Creative Scrappers ebook of Sketches v1; * all the papers are from the Fancypants "Hot Chocolate" collection
* the "Noted" journalling block is a printable from Creative Bubbles
* the bones were cut using my Cricut and the Puppy Paws cartridge
* and thickers for the title

Fair warning - I'm guessing a few more layouts this month will be about the dog, LOL.

Thanks for looking!

Monday, February 4, 2013

LOAD Day 4 - Goals

Today is day 4 of LOAD, and today's prompt was to scrap about a goal that we have.  So, since I am also blogging about my New Year's Resolution this year, it was a pretty quick layout for me today, LOL.

Amy Tangerine Thickers
Bobunny Double Dot paper
Pattern Paper and Diecuts - Simple Stories "Harvest Lane"
Distress Ink - Vintage Photo
Liquid Pearls

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mmmmmm macaroons!

With LOAD starting a couple of days ago, my new-to-me recipe resolution almost fell to the wayside.  I hadn't gone grocery shopping this weekend, and haven't been feeling the greatest today, so I almost decided to wait until tomorrow.  But then you know how THAT goes - 'tomorrow' never comes! :)  So I remembered a recipe that I found before Christmas that I hadn't tried yet, and it wouldn't be too involved.

A little background information - I have a 'slight' obsession with macaroons.  Back in 2009, I went to the Dominican Republic with a group of friends, and that resort had the BEST. MACAROONS. EVER!  I may or may not have had my picture taken with them.  (Okay, I did).

I may or may not have created a scrapbook layout with the alleged photo.  (Okay, I did.)

I may or may not have eaten some every day we were there.  (Okay, I did that too.)

And I may or may not have lightened the load of a catering truck on the beach one afternoon by 'relieving' it of a plate of macaroons.  Alright, Alright!  Sheesh.  I did that too.

But you know what?  As much as I LOVE macaroons, I've never made them before.  ???  Crazy, huh?  I can't say that anymore, though!

This week's recipe comes to you from Skinnytaste:

The ingredients:

And the finished product!

I cooked mine longer than the recipe calls for; after 30 minutes, they still looked pretty white to me, and I tend to like my macaroons with a touch of brown on them.  I'm really glad I made them!  Making them myself will be much more affordable than travelling to the Dominican, LOL.

Thanks for looking!

LOAD Day 3 - Important but Overlooked

On to day 3 of LOAD!  Today's prompt was to do a layout about something that is important to you, but often overlooked.  I decided to do a layout about my grandmother's needlepoints.  They're on my walls, and you know how you can walk by a painting (or needlepoint in this case) everyday and not really notice it?  Well, I've been taking those needlepoints for granted, and today was a good reminder to appreciate them the way they deserve to be.

Not everyone in the family has some of my grandmother's needlepoints.  The one on the left, she gave to me when I moved into my first apartment in Ottawa.  She felt I needed something on my walls, but I think she assumed I wouldn't really display it.  She was really pleased the next time she came over, and it was hung on a prominent wall in my living room (and always had been).  I am so happy to have her signature on the back of that one.  The one in the middle, she had given that one and another large one to my parents to bring back for my brother and I.  I chose that one because of the green frame (my brother got one in a blue frame).  And the one on the right, I got after she passed away and willed her needlepoints to my mom. 

Patterned Paper and Die Cuts: My Minds Eye Nostalgia collection
Cardstock: Core'dinations
Distress Ink in Victorian Velvet
Liquid Pearls
Flower and Crochet flower - Prima maybe?  They were not in their package anymore.
Sew Easy - tool and thread

I haven't forgotten that I need to make my new-to-me recipe today - I just have to figure out what that will be, LOL.  Maybe something to eat during the Superbowl?  Hmm, that's an idea.

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

LOAD Day 2 - Define your perfect day

A noise woke me up in the middle of the night, so I thought "hey!  while I'm up, I should see what the LOAD prompt is!".  So I did, at around 4am this morning, LOL. 

Today's prompt: Define your perfect day.  We could narrow the topic or expand on it if we wanted to.

I decided to scrap about my favorite way to spend a rainy day - watching Pride & Prejudice!  I've watched it too many times to count, and could probably recite the whole thing to you, but I still love it.  And when I see a forecast of a rainy day for a weekend where I don't have plans, I privately rejoice.  I can watch it again! :)

Supplies used:
Pattern papers: My Mind's Eye "Miss Caroline - Howdy Doody"
Thickers: Dear Lizzy (appropriate, don't you think? LOL) American Crafts
Liquid Pearls
Martha Stewart border punch
Ribbon and doily are from the Dollar Store

Normally I'd only get the layout done late afternoon or early evening; but since I'm heading up to the Miramichi today and not sure when I'm going to get home.... I did it early.

Have a great day!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Get a LOAD of this!

I am taking part in LOAD for the month of February.  LOAD stands for Lay Out A Day.  I've done two-week LOADS before; one time it was technique-focused, another time it was a Sketch LOAD.  Those ones were through my local scrapbook store, A PILE OF SCRAP!  But THIS one?  This is an online LOAD (go here for more info: and is a FULL MONTH!!  Ack! 

I'm going to love it;
my house will not;
And I know my dog won't love it;
because he won't be getting as much attention.  But I'm looking forward to the chaos that will soon reign for 28 days. Hmm, I should take a before/after picture of my scraproom, LOL.

Today is Day 1, and the prompt we were given was "No Words". 

Create a layout with no journalling, no title... try to convey the feeling without using words.  My first reaction was to create a layout of Rudy, with hearts all around (because I love the little guy).  But the sample layout that was shown used that concept, and I didn't want to copy.  So I started thinking of winter photos, and using snowflakes to either indicate the cold, or how much snow there was. 

These photos were taken just after Christmas, back in 2005.  My brother and I were visiting our parents for the holiday; I was going to be heading back home that afternoon, and there had been quite a snowstorm the previous night / that morning.  I did make it home that day though. :)

Here is the layout:
Patterned Paper: Carta Bella
Cardstock: Reflections
Diamond Stickles
Martha Stewart Border Punch
Clear Dew Drops
Making Memories Slice - FaLaLa cartridge (for the snowflakes)

We'll see how Days 2 and 3 go; this weekend is quite busy for me.  I'm heading out Saturday for a quick road-trip (2 hours there, 2 hours back) for a dress fitting.  And the men and women curling provincials are this weekend, and I was hoping to take in some games. And Sunday is the Superbowl (yes, I'll be watching!).  And then there's my New Year's Resolution of making at least one new recipe a week, so I'll have to make something this weekend.

See? Busy!

I hope you'll follow me on my LOAD journey this month!