Wednesday, February 13, 2013

LOAD Day 13 - Try something you've never done

Hi all!
Almost two weeks in, and I'm still going strong with LOAD (LayOut A Day).  Today's prompt was to try something on your layout that you've never done before.

There are lots of things I'd *like* to try, but I have curling tonight (I have to leave in about 20 minutes) and I didn't want my page to take a long time.  So I decided to try scrapping in 8.5x11, instead of the usual 12x12 that I always do.  I will admit, though, that this layout will probably be mounted on a 12x12 later and a couple extra things added. :)

I took this photo of Rudy just a couple of days ago.  He turned 4 on Saturday, so this layout was easy!

It didn't take much time to do at all - and would have been faster if my SLICE machine wasn't temperamental.  I last used it a couple weeks ago, and it decided tonight that it did NOT want to work.  So I used the Cricut instead (should have done that to begin with, LOL).

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and the halfway mark for LOAD - I wonder what the prompt will be for THAT??

Stay tuned.

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