Wednesday, February 27, 2013

LOAD Day 27 - Learn Something New

OK, I am *really* losing steam here, LOL.  Today's prompt was to "learn something new" - either learn something new and scrap about it, or learn something new and apply it to your page.

I learned about alcohol inks before, but I haven't used them in AGES.  So I watched a couple youtube videos and dug out my alcohol inks.  First, I played on glossy paper, then I grabbed a tag and played with the alcohol inks and it a bit (porous paper totally takes alcohol inks differently than glossy paper).  Once I created the tag, then I needed to find a picture to go with it.  So I flipped through my LARGE pile of photos and found this one of my friend Stacy's girls.  This photo is about.... 10 years old I think?

This is a super simple, plain page, but as I said earlier - I'm losing steam. :)


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