Tuesday, February 26, 2013

LOAD Day 26 - New Holiday Traditions

Today's LOAD prompt was to scrap what you would do for a 'fake' holiday, or what new holiday traditions you would do.  Being single, and not having kids, a lot of holidays don't mean much to me.  Let's face it, holidays are meant for families or couples:
Christmas (family)
New Years (couples) - and I *hate* New Year's Eve because of it
Valentine's Day (no explanation necessary)
Mother's Day
Father's Day
Halloween (kids)

See what I mean?  So the only 'fake' holiday was going to be around being single, but I decided that would bring me down a bit, and decided instead to scrap the photos of Rudy's pictures with Santa this year.  THAT could be a new Christmas tradition for me.

Only two days left!  I can do this!

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