Saturday, January 26, 2013

Stuffed Pepper Soup

We've been having crazy cold temperatures lately, so what better to warm you up than a fabulous bowl of soup?  This week's new-to-me recipe is Stuffed Pepper Soup from SkinnyTaste.  My friend Yvonne made stuffed peppers last week - and I loooove stuffed peppers.  But they're a lot of work, especially if you're making them for one person.  But Stuffed Pepper Soup?  Come ON! 

Here is a picture of the ingredients.  (Ignore the Thyme, I had another recipe in my brain when I was pulling everything out from my cupboards).  The recipe calls for green and red peppers, but I had an orange pepper that needed to be used up, so I used that instead.

Browning up the hamburger - yum!

Soften up the peppers and onions, and the garlic cloves.....

 Served up!  The recipe calls to add the rice to each serving separately, but since I'll be freezing most of the portions, I added the cooked rice to the pot just before serving.  I also added some extra marjoram at the end, and salt and pepper.
It's not even dinner time yet, and I've already had two partial bowls.  So I'd call this recipe a success!  A huge thank you to SkinnyTaste!

Until next time (which MAY be tomorrow, as I have another new-to-me recipe tugging at me, wanting to be made).  Stay warm!

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